Peaberry 100% Kona Coffee Included on Ispirare Coffee’s Best Coffees in the World in 2018

Our Hawaiian Queen Coffee Peaberry 100% Kona Coffee was selected for a review by Ispirare Coffee.  It received an outstanding score in both the espresso and pour over categories and was included in their list of The Best Coffees in the World in 2018.

“This is a special coffee from Hawaiian Queen Coffee, who is both the farmer & the roaster of the coffee… The coffees are grown on the volcanic soils of Hawaii, and typically roasted at the farm, which is unique in the coffee world.”

“This is a Peaberry Kona and it’s an extremely rare coffee, with Peaberry Kona representing only 5% of the Kona Harvest.  A Peaberry coffee bean is a bean that doesn’t break into two halves, it’s a naturally occuring mutation where the bean grows around two-thirds full.  The beans are pulled from the regular harvest, because their smaller size packs more flavor… which might make a great gift for one of your coffee loving friends.”

“As an espresso it was creamy and smooth, but finished with a darker flavor.  A very unique flavor…”

“This would be considered the coffee drinker’s coffee, it’s smooth and flavorful with the classic full flavor of a great coffee.  It had a nice balance of acidity, some chocolate, and again a really rich feel.”

Read the full review here.

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